New York State Club

Welcome to the New York State Club Website




This is where former metro New Yorkers gather to

renew old friendships and find new friends (and maybe

former classmates or neighbors).  A social club where

memories are shared and rememberances abound from

people who know the meanings of traveling or

commuting by subway, Long Island Railroad, Metro

North, Long Island Expressway, Parkways, Thruway,

Turnpike, George Washington Bridge or Tappen Zee

Bridge.  Folks who know the real meaning of hard rolls,

coffee cake, pastries, knishes, pizza, deli's,

skyscrapers, Broadway, Macy's, Coney Island,

Rockaway, Jones and Orchard Beaches. 



We meet on the first Wednesday of each month,

September through June at LaHacienda Recreation

Center in Lady Lake at 6:30 pm.

We appreciate your comments.  We are always looking for new ideas to make your club a better club!